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Delisa got the nickname "Paparazzi" from her hometown friends because she was always the one in the group with a camera in her hands. She minored in Photography in college and also studied film and art history. She's excited to use her videography skills to help create beautiful memories for others.



Jensen has been shooting and editing videos for over four years. He has worked on projects ranging from commercial and social media content to wedding videos. He enjoys finding shots that tell a story by perfectly encapsulating an emotion or moment.



Always an eager learner, Calvin learned photography and videography from his older brother Jensen who has served as a role model and inspiration. He quickly caught on and began shooting weddings where he enjoys interacting with the couple to capture memorable moments throughout the wedding day.



Stevie can't really draw or paint, but an editing lab is her artist's palette. She has been producing and editing videos for over 5 years and loves being able to take a bunch of random videos and weave them into powerful and emotional piece of work. She especially enjoys editing wedding videos to highlight the special moments in a couple's celebration that make it unique and individual, bringing joy and lifelong memories to newlyweds.



An entrepreneur from an early age, Robert brings his many years of experience in video and audio production, and business in founding Brooklyn Wedding Videography. He enjoys finding unique moments while filming client weddings and then weaving them together into a carefully edited, one-of-a-kind film.